I Feel Good!!!!!

                Something that has happen to me is when I made the Meridian Public Charter School basketball team. I am glad because now I am a part of something at my school and I have to have a lot of responsibility to play on the team. Also my coach is Coach Phillips expects us to be on our best behavior because he wants us to be a good team but also be a good student. Last year I wasn’t so good, but this year he said I have change. That is good because I love basketball and I am very talented.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Now since I play on the team I have an ample amount of responsibilities because I might be captain so I have to keep my team in order. For example if I am in class and one of my teammates are messing around I have to say” Hay Emmanuel calm down you want to play on the game today right”. That’s a example of being a good team captain.


Overall my favorite sport is BASKETBALLL!!!! That is my favorite sport because I really like they way you have to use your brain throughout the whole game and season. Well everyone does not think you have to use your brain throughout the whole season. Another reason why I like basketball because I know that I’m very talented at the sport. The reason why I’m good at basketball is because I practice a lot with my father. My good coach, Coach Phillips and Coach A works with me and at my school Meridian PCS works with me.



                Well my goals for basketball is to never give up on what I want to achieve in life which is to become a NBA Basketball star. Also for a great example the NBA lockdown if that ever happen again I would have something to fall back on which is to become a Mechanical Engineer.



                                That’s why I love sports.

Who Let The Dog Out?!!

The time when I was scared was when I was outside with my friends playing. We got bored when we kept playing man haunt. Then we started playing football, we walked over to my complex (where I lived) to get my friend Hasan. Than after we got him, we went over to my friend DJ so we can play teams with the football. We played in the street; we accidently hit a lady car with the football. She yelled at us (of course). She said “go in the back of the houses please” and we did it.


                   We all went to the back of the houses and finished playing football. We all got bored again, so we all sat in the grass. We heard a dog, it sounded like it was whinnying and we walked up to the gate. I gave the dog some of my water through the gate. My other friend Kay-Kay was petting it through the gate.


                   But my friend Hasan was scared and so was I a little bit scared. Kay-Kay said “I want to take it home with me because they don’t even care about the dog”. He says that the gate was open, and then he opened it. The dog (a pit-bull) came bolting out the gate.  All of us had to jump onto a big gate. Hasan didn’t know how to jump onto a gate. The dog jumped at Hasan and then he got cut by the talons on the dog. I pulled him onto the gate. The owner gave the dog away to the pound, and told us to go home.

My Lifee!!

In life I would like to accomplish a professional NBA star. But before all of that I would have to get a good education. So for my high school career, I would like to attend Dematha Catholic high school because they have a good sports association and it’s a great high school. But if they don’t accept me I would attend E.L Haynes High School because they also have a good sport association, they are a great basketball team, and a great football team. The school also gives you a laptop because they have something called E books that means instead of carrying an ample amount of books and you keep on having to buy a new book bag because it keeps on ripping the textbooks are on the laptop.

                             For my college career I would like to attend Connecticut Huskies. They have a great basketball team also and a great football team also. It can help me get drafted into the NBA. Their point guard Kemba Walker got drafted into the NBA because their team was great so that made an ample amount of scouts came to watch because the team was that good, they won the championship. But if I don’t accomplish my goal of being a professional NBA player my backup plan is becoming a Mechanical Engineer because I am into automobiles and motorcycles and dirt bikes. I would like to design automobiles.


                             Accomplishing all my goals would make me feel like a hero to myself. It will make my family proud of me also. It all make me feel great for making my family prod of me. That will be a great example for my family little brother. I wish will follow my footsteps. But I think he would be a football player instead. That’s ok; also it would make me proud if he would follow my footsteps in education. I could have a big maison, the cars, dirt bikes and everything.

My First Bike Trick!!!!

A mistake that I made was when I was trying to show off around my neighborhood on my bike, I trying to do a wheelie. I started off really slow and I started to do it. I did not see the bump and then I fell. Then the bike fell on me. I had a big, long cut on my arm. It was a lot of blood flowing down my arm. My friend William came rushing over to me and he said “Are you ok”.


 I rushed over to my house. I banged really hard on the door boom! My dad answered the door with fierce and then I ran to my parents bathroom. My mother helped me put on Neosporin. Then I had to put two band- aids and then I was fine. I had to stay inside to rest my arm. My arm was numb because I hit on the curb when I fell.


I learned not to show off just to look cool for my friends. I learned to wear elbow pads at all times when I’m riding something. I also learned to wear pants and not shorts because I had a little scrape on my knee. For now on I would ride at my own risks and not to ride my bike all wildly. Not to try what I see on television because their professional at it and I’m not.